Spring at Shimmers

Now this place is a place to see that is for sure! Too bad o don’t come here more often, but when you have family or friends in town it’s mandatory to visit!

They are a bit snobbish on the telephone but if you book an advance (then I mean 10 -14 days in advance and depending on the mood of the person you talk to on the phone you might be able to get a reservation) 😂 just gonna leave it at that. We booked a table for 4 people but we ended up being 6. We called in advance to amazed they size of the table but it was not possible .. (they informed about This on the phone.. and they added that it “was not possible to add two more people because they were extremely fully booked she said” )

anyhows… we came there anyways and we saw that the place was half empty and we got a table for 6 and told our friends to join anyways .. so I’m not sure what that was about but I’ve heard several people lately mentioning the attitude of shimmers🫣 but Anyhow, it worked out for the better and we had an awesome time 🤓

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