Scalini 2023

There is no kick off on the year without visiting Scalini. This has become a tradition especially when Tess is visiting from Sweden!

We grabbed our stuff and headed down to Scalini! You can’t go wrong with Scalini! It was a rainy day in Dubai so this was just perfect!

We had the best time and the best food! And of course, the best cocktails! They make the best passion fruit chili martinis there. Just the great balance of spicy and it just sits right with you! The perfect girly cocktail. 😁

The chili passion fruit martini ❤️

We ordered a bunch of stuff and by the time we were done it was like we rolled out of there and needed to unbutton our pants! It was so yummy!

The langoustine

Be prepared to sit for a while and let the environment sink in. The food, the people, the atmosphere, the Italian waiters, the noise from the kitchen and the chit chat around. It’s a nice vibrant place to have lunch!

The famous Ravioli!

Scalini is a sharing concept and the food is meant to be shared. Which is even better cus then you can get a few courses and taste them all! Enjoy!

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