This 34,000,000 million Euro megayacht is in Dubai and I got a grand tour the other day!

It has over 20 cabins and reaches a full 86 meters long and has a top speed at 15.0 kn.

The yacht was built in 1963 in Holland, but got a whole new face lift in 2017 and is now owned by a Saudi millionaire. (Also it’s for sale as we speak!!)

It has a Gym and a pool deck! A dining room and living room that can easily fit 50 people at once and the annual running cost is about 6 million USD.

I mean.. that is just to keep it up, fresh and running (with staff)

The interior is full on wall to wall carpet in a luxurious crème color with gold touched here and there.

Borrowed these pics from google

It was a pleasure to be invited to come check it out and I can at least cross it off my list that I’ve been on this one!

I never knew I needed a bucket list of a mega yacht to cross off, but this one was really gorgeous on the inside. That is for sure!

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