This is long overdue!! This Lebanese owned restaurant and lounge first opened in Lebanon /Beirut before they decided to bring the concept in to Dubai!

And I am glad they did! This is probably till this day the most stunning Lounge I’ve ever been to, abday I’ve been to a lot of amazing places around here! It’s one in it’s own league!

It’s inspired by the one and only history about American aviation pioneer and writer Amelia Earhart!

The attention to details in this place is not only about the food presentation, but in the interior as well! The place feels much higher than what it is, with its high ceiling and outstanding design and class!

The cocktails are so damn good too! Just to mention two of them, they have a super thick, spicy and creamy version of a Bloody Mary and a super fresh spicy new twist to a classic Paloma!

We had the best time!

Ask for the spicy edition with the red rim spice (I forgot the proper name of this Mexican spice mix) and guess what guys! This drink comes with cleared milk! Sounds gross!! But it’s not!!! It’s cray delicious!

To top it off there is a centerpiece in the ceiling that is sort of shaped like a rose, but when you look closer, it’s actually clip-outs from Amelia Earhart’s diary!!

Amelia is a beautiful venue and it’s always packed

And it gets better! They have a private dining experience on the second floor and a intimate small club space as well that can fit up to 80 people only.

It was great meeting the amazing staff and the GM Rayan who took care of us so well!

If you’re coming to Dubai or already live here and haven’t experienced Amelia yet! This is your sign to just do it!!!


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