Marley 2014-2023

No words can describe the empty gap that has been left in my heart after the loss of Marley. It’s so heartbreaking when our pets become of age and also sick on top of that. Even if you’ve had a hundered dogs, when it’s time to say goodbye it doesn’t get any easier. It really doesn’t.

The only thing that has kept me “sane” throughout this is that I somehow justify this with that he is not in pain anymore and his spirit is now free to run wild again. Hopefully to be reincarnated as another wonderful dog that will give so much joy to someone else one day. Who knows. ❤️

The worst part with losing your pet is that the whole house is so empty when they’re gone. I can still hear Marleys breathing and panting and sometime when it’s really quiet… I can still his paws on the floor.. this is the best and the worst part at the same time. He was truly such a special boy and is forever in our hearts❤️ baby Marley. He was adopted, so he was a rescue and a really difficult case in the beginning but he really grew on us and he settled in so well. He was family and will forever be with us in spirit ❤️

The best boy ❤️

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