MarQ- the pre opening and sneak peek!!

Back in the days there was only a few classic nightclubs in Dubai. One of them was called Boudoir! It was the place to go for all the fun old school- hip hop and rnb music!

I have seriously never ever had a bad night in that place in my life! If I’m not mistaken I also think that Boudoir is by far one of the first clubs to ever set anchor in the UAE (one of the first at least!)

The Boudoir days sadly ended and now there is a new Era! MarQ has taken over, the owners (maybe it’s still the same owners I am not even sure) but none the less, they have re vamped the place and the place is looking so good! A whole new layout, a whole new feeling.

A whole new concept but…. Wait for it!!! They have kept the hip hop / Rnb concept and this is amazing! People are loving it!

There are too many venues in Dubai by now and they all play the same commercial techno deep house music that you really feel like you’ve got to be drugged out to go to😂 (joking) but you get the idea!

I am tired of the bongo drums and “no lyrics music” I want the old days back and it’s soooo few rnb and old school places left. This is the best thing that has happened in a long time!!

Marq is the place you go to to have fun! It’s an elegant and sassy new place, you dance all night long, eat great food and sing your heart out when you know the song!!

Marq – dubai marine resort – jumeirah 1 ❤️

Their grand opening is this weekend on may 27th and they have gone in BIG and brought one of my favorite artists on board to mark this day! Ne-Yo!!! I can’t deal!! Congrats on your opening Marq and may this new venue live as long- or even longer as Boudoir!

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