Meet Bailey!!


This is Bailey!

She is the sweetest dog I have ever encountered in my life. I am not just saying that! She is a French bulldog rescue, she was rescued from a Puppy Mill. She has lived all her life in a cage, being locked up, never felt love or cuddles, only been used to produce puppies, to then have her puppies being taken away from her and then being forced to have more puppies and so the cycle continued.

you all know I am very active within the animal rescue centers in Dubai/ UAE. And if I can help I will. Our other dog Marley and Raven were also rescues and it was the best thing I ever did.

I don’t even understand how people can mistreat their animals but that is another blog post for another time.

As you know Marley passed away a month ago and it was the toughest decision to make because he was so sick and everything went so fast. I still hear him in the back of my head. And we cherish and remember the good times ❤️ and then from out of nowhere are these 3 French bulldogs that needed rescue. I filled out the forms immediately, in my head I am thinking that I’ll take one, my ex will take one (I was worried he was gonna hit the wall once Marley passed away and a rescue might help with the griefing process) and my family will take one.

We ended up getting one and this girl is going to Norway. My mom and my dad has been without a dog for a few years now (also a French bulldog) and Bailey is gonna be a perfect match and New addition for them. initially we were aiming at getting two but the day of collection, it was a mixup with another adoption family that already collected one. Those details don’t matter anymore, what matters is that Bailey is going to Norway and she is gonna live the rest of her life in a country with perfect weather for her breed (not too hot) and have the whole family there who will love her unconditionally and give her endless of love and cuddles.

She is always so close 😂

I am telling you. Everything happens for a reason. Bailey is staying with me in Dubai until I travel to Norway (either now or after summer depending on airline companies that will take small nose breeds as cargo ..) This was so meant to be!

She has definitely found security and stability in being with me, I walk her without a leash, she is stuck to me like glue, she is obedient, she is learning basic things how to sit and not jump on people, he is fully potty trained now so she doesn’t pee o poop in the house, she’s gonna be amazing for my parents and I am so happy that yet another dog could find a happy home where they are safe and loved ❤️

Very comfy sleepy face 😂

If you can, please go and support the animal rescue organizations that are here, better yet, if you can foster or offer a forever home to these dogs or cats (or other animals they may have) it’s even better!

All the shelters are over flooded with animals that was once bought as cute little puppies then dumped once they grew bigger and the ow era didn’t have the time or care to give them proper care and training. It’s so many animals . So please follow them, like them, share and support when you can! It a little gesture from your side but it might be the world for the animals even if it’s just one match out of 20 shares You still made a difference for trying ❤️❤️❤️

The rescue organizations instagrams are :

k9friendsdubai – furrballs_dogs, furrballs_cats – adoptaid- – sahara_kennel-rescue – greenpawsuae and rescuetails 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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