Does your dog eat bugs? Do you over-feed your dog?

Well, the whole “dog is cute“ and they go a bit ballistic sometimes when they see bugs and insects , but truth be told, some dogs are allergic to insects and bugs and it can cause a minor to a severe allergic reaction to them.

So a good reminder is to not let your pets eat bugs. None the less it’s sort of gross , but I have seen dog owners thinking their pets are cute while chasing bugs in the garden etc. and really what they should be doing is to keep them away from Them.

My frwnchie is allegic to insects (among other things) and every time he has managed to eat a fly or something else he is allergic to his face, ears and body goes completely pink , bursts out in hives and he gets overheated. Poor thing.

You can have your pet tested at any vet clinic, and knowing your dogs allergies will also help you in the future deciding on his diet and also knowing what treats to give him Or to avoid.

its so easy for us humans to look at our pets and think they are cute and deserving of leftovers and other human foods , but actually it can be more harming to them than we know. Human food in the dogs diet should either be only raw foods or only dog food . I don’t think we should mix it up so much. And not over do it with the doggy treats also. Remember they have sensitive stomachs and it may take a while for them to digest everything.

Don’t forget that a simple “pat and good boy“ positive affirmation towards your pets goes a long way. Love doesn’t have to be expressed with food . But I know they are cute manipulators so, sometimes it’s hard to say no.. 😉


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