What’s your make-up Brush ?

Basically you don’t need so many brushes, the most important thing is to keep your brushes clean (yes clean) you’d be surprised how much bacteria gather in the hairs of the brushes during a week! But basically you can survive with a foundation brush, a blush/powder brush, one eyeshadow brush And one brow brush.

But let’s be honest, we love some good brushes and sometimes we even have multiple brushes for the different powders and eyeshadow colors.

are you the type who never mixes your brushes For the light shadows or the darker shadows?

Anyways. How many brushes are enough?

I love my brushes, and I try to keep them clean and give them a rinse once a month. (I know it should be more ofthen than that) bit washing my brushes, I find it so boring so I figured once a month is better than never. Haha .

Take care of your skin tho! Is the only shell you live in!

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