News from Make-up Store sweden!

The good news is that you can order online ( ) and they’ll deliver anywhere! Plus the products are a killer, trendy and always on demand! The most popular make-up brand in scandinavia. And it smells good too.

Right now you can order your products online! (link above) and from tomorrow its their crazy days sale 50% off the entire shop And they deliver anywhere!! 30th August -1st September!!! Crazy!!!

This facewash is powerful but yet smooth and leaves your skin moisturized and super clean. I used it in combination with my electrical facial scrub. But you can easily just use your hands and cleans as you do with your normal routine.

This is the wonder powder! It creates an amazing glow and can be used either as a prep for under the makeup , or as a finishing touch over Your makeup. One of my favorites! This one will be used a lot!

The precise eyeliner – a super thin brush for a defined and precise stroke. I use it to create a thick and glamorous liner for an edgy look on a night out. It lasts all night long!

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