How About Nammos for a weekend Lunch?

Last weekend We had the best time at Nammos. If you’re looking for a great day party, a bit “older crowd“(30+ etc) great ambiance, food and music, this is the place to be! I’ve said it before, it’s a bit pricey and easily 95dhs for a small salad or a portion of pasta , the energy and vibes in this place is to die for and well worth!

I’d recommend booking a long time in advance because this place is hot and they are fully booked weeks in advance. Also, the more the merrier, they have capacity to host big tables and the staff are so great and attentive time to you and your needs!

The view is beautiful and if you fancy a day at the beach prior to Lunch there is sunbeds available for AED 200 Pr.person.


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