I don’t dress for you or other people! I am empowered!

Aight.. these pics were taken the day before we went into quarantine.. I thought I’d share them so we can get our thoughts on something else than stuff to do in the house😊

I love dressing up! I don’t dress for you, my man, my friends, for attention or for instagram, I genuinely love dressing up,if there’s an event and one more excuse to dress up then yes! I love that too!

it makes me feel good, it empowers me to look the way on the outside as the way I feel on the inside. Clothes to me is like a language. Sometime it’s your mood right, I rarely feel very “girly girly” and that’s why I usually am dressed in leather pants and skimpy heels because that’s my mood and attitude. But when I feel dressy , I can pull of a dress at times as well.

I truly love dressing up and when I dress up, I do it for me. Myself. The girl inside me who’s screaming for her identity and mood to be shown. she shines through me everyday.

And I do that via clothing and makeup. I love it! it’s empowering. Embrace it!


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