Clinique ID BB cream

Right let’s get down to it. I

know I Wrote about Clinique ID products before , but I couldn’t help myself now as I also added the Clinique ID BB camouflage and I just have to brag! I never were a fan of BB creams (for all the guys out there not knowing what BB cream is, it’s a facial moisturizer with a little bronzed texture for an even skin tone result and it’s great)

but anyhows, the fact that with the Clinique ID products you can add your own concentrated serum to the mixture of your favourite blend of base- moisturizer .. ooooh.. that alone is so clever . But now they added the BB cream as a base and it blew my mind away.

the bb cream is a smart solution and it matches all skin colors.

PS: in this writing moment has a sale on 30% off on skincare … soooo .. get it now ! It’s definitely a must have .

much love !

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