Valborg 2020

Swedish tradition. Valborg.. social gatherings where you lit a big fire and gather together amongs family. This is the night of the bonfire in Sweden, traditionally believed to ward off evil spirits, but now a festive way of getting rid of excess gardening odds and ends 🤓

so anyhows. We are celebrating Valborg today. Or as it is . 1st of May or the last day of April. With a small BBQ and some drinks with family And friends.

in Norway we do it differently and we call it St.Hans aften. (And the date falls on 23rd of June) which is totally different from valborg but it’s the same tradition with the big bonfire . In sweden the 23rd of June is swedish midsummer and that is a completely different celebration In some regions.

On June 23, usually Norwegians celebrate Midsummer with boating, parties and other seasonal activities. In the western city of Ålesund, the world’s largest bonfire is built and lit every year. But the tradition of the big bonfire is followed through all the way over Norway but with different traditions from town to town

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