Jumeirah Stray Cats

ok. So first thing first. I’ve got so much to tell you guys. It’s been wild to say the least and a move from hell (Literally almost everything with our move was like shit pulled out of satans own asshole) To deal with. but that’s another story for the next post. First I wanna shed some light on this Matter of stray cats in Dubai.

We have like 50 different rescue establishments . Maybe more . Only around here that does cats and dogs. Just let me say that first.

so what happened was : I was walking the dogs in the new neighborhood and I saw something moving in some trees next to the parking lot. And my dogs aren’t getting along with cats what so ever and they can smell cats from a like away. The dogs went nuts. As I came closer I saw it was baby kittens but the mama was no where to be seen.

I dropped the dogs at home, got some gloves, water, food, and some eye drops because one of the cats were having a bad eye infection. (I had some eye drops Leftover from my dog, don’t worry, cats / dog eye drops . Same ingredients ) This was Around 10pm in the evening. And it was hot.

Bare in mind that Arabic mau cats have adapted to the Dubai heat and are doing fine in that. My biggest concern was the moms whereabouts and the eye infection of the smallest one. I did what I could, and I spoke to some people , regarding vet care . What to do. Etc etc. I know the best thing to do is to catch the mom and kittens and to neuter her and release them again.

(picture after I cleaned her up)

I wanted maybe one of these rescue establishments to take them

on so they can be adopted into a home, they have big platforms for this and can reach out to so many potential families and they were so small and cute.

nobody offered to take them. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I literally messaged everyone About advice. what to do and nobody had any interest in helping them getting adopted … so I am just wondering ..how do they find cats for adoption? I mean …is it not neccesary? and these kittens would probably love a safe home and family to be with. I can’t help them further than what I’ve done . But I feel very sad that they don’t have a family.

I check in on them every day.. they are in their area … doing well.the smallest one is a little weak. But I would love for them to find a family.

So hit me Up if you’d like to parent some wonderful kittens ❤️

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