Guess how many problems with moving houses one can have?

When all goes wrong. Wow . Just wow. it hasn’t event been a Week and still things are not in order.

To start with, was so exciting to move houses . New location, new start. You know? That’s always a little exciting.

All that changed when on the day of the move there was problems .

I don’t know what it is with the people in this country here but nobody seems to understand the time and appointments and agreements and deals here. we were prepping for the move and making the new house ready for our move in day for 2 weeks (!!!) prior to moving in. And NOTHING was done as they promised us it would be done and finished before moving in.

let me start with listing that the day of the move , the painting (on the walls ) wasn’t finished. They had 2 weeks to paint the walls and finishings etc , and it wasn’t done. they didn’t do the pest control before we moved in Either. (We have a million carpenter ants here😂 ) This was supposed to be done before we moved in. And it wasn’t. And the new house was supposed to be deep cleaned and fresh before we moved in. That wasn’t done either. (Or was dead bugs everywhere and sand and dust and just not in any condition id let tenants move in to a house I owned what so ever. Hell- I’d be so embarrassed if it was my property and my new tenants came to find it like that)

So there I am, on moving day, coming with loaded trucks of furniture and boxes Of all our stuff and 2 dogs and the villa isn’t finished. Can you imagine my frustration ? 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

The guy who we bought all the appliances from (im a strong believer in second hand and have no problem buying used appliances if they are in good shape) and he sold us defect products that had missing electrical cords, plugs Among other things.

Ans the refrigerator and freezer was defect as well, so we had to spend 3 days on fixing that issue. The freezer wasn’t working. Had to her technicians to come over again with new parts and new PC card For the fridge and to top it up with more when they removed the back plate of the fridge it was filled with (surpriiise) bugs on the inside 😭

(don’t worry im just getting started)

To top that up, the next thing that happened was that the washing machine‘s sensor on the door was broken as well and I have to send that one to repair which also cost extra. but when they gave me back the machine and said they fixed it. but at this time when I got it back the rubber hole in the machine was twisted and now I have a machine that is leaking and the whole laundry room was flooded with water.

see his smooth the rubber to prevent it from leaking is here ? Now look at the pic below : that’s how It was when I got it back.

(Like what the actual F??)

I am yet to figure out what’s going to happen with the dishwasher but so far it’s working but I’m afraid there is a small minor error at the end of the washing program. And there is also the stove,(cooker) when I checked this one to see if it was working I open it in the oven and it’s so greasy and so dirty it was so fucking gross.

Now the Guy, The guy who sold all of these kitchen appliances has of course disappeared from the surface of the earth, he took all of our money for all of these broken items that he said was top quality as good as new. He doesn’t respond to my messages he doesn’t return my phone calls and I had no choice but to report him to the online market place we bought them and to the local police authorities.

I don’t care so much about the appliances right now because I have already fixed them but I’d like him to refund for all the extra cost that we put In order to have everything repaired.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the other day I woke up and go down to the kitchen to find the kitchen flooded and now for the second time it’s flooded but this time it was the water heater in the kitchen ceiling that broke And was leaking..

Then of course when you think you’re done with all the problems there is another one just lining up, know the AC is not working and we’ve been out of a C for three days, it’s sort of comic and very ironic if you think about it so now for three days with had three different groups of technicians here trying to fix the problem and hopefully today they will get it done.

–Just Problems I swear,🤷🏼‍♀️😭😂

I have been so frustrated I haven’t known what to do with myself other than keeping a positive mind and focusing on the good stuff. And yet in all of this I am still happy and excited about a fresh start in this new beautiful home. Well soon to be when everything is working like it should be) 😂

i guess sometimes you just Gotta see the positive in everything and laugh it out because if you focus on the negative you become negative and we can’t have any of that around here ❤️


stay positive people!! Stay safe ! And stay healthy! this was a move from hell. im glad its over now.

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