On Wednesday’s we get inked .

I have been waiting for this for so long. I have been waiting and thinking for so long as well until I found something that really ment something to me. All my other tattoos are just body art that I placed on my body because I always wanted tattoos and I personally think they match my personality and who I am. They are not sentimental and they do not have a deep, sad or dark meaning. they are plain fun and I got them because at the time- that’s what I wanted and I think they look good on my body.

How ever . I don’t have any regrets – other than not fulfilling all my tattoos when I truly wanted them but back then I was too scared and unsure of what it really is I wanted. And I always told people when we discuss tattoos that if you’re not sure then don’t even get one.

Chances are that if you’re unsure then you‘ll most likely regret it later and I can tell you that removing a tattoo is veeeery veeeery very painful and not for the light hearted. It’s another level pain and nothing of reccomend. (See my first post in this blog for my tattoo removal story where I had to sacrifice a tattoo of mine for the experience of real tattoo removal with laser treatment) 😁

anyhows- now I have thought long and hard and I have figured out what motives i wanted and what makes my body as a “whole” to me. Nobody else . And the meaning of the new tattoos reflects a lot of the last 10 years of my life and it’s a reminder to myself of everything I’ve gone through . Good and bad. And also to live in the moment (as long as it’s smart and you’re not hurting anyone of course) and to be your true self.

Not for anyone else, just for you.

people can say what they want and have all their opinions about tattoos, body art and people with tattoos, but at the end of the day it’s your body and you are living in it and the year is 2020 and thank GOD that the taboo of tattoos are over. I see it more as a decoration, a statement, something beautiful and powerful.

And I truly enjoy getting them done. there is something about the smell of a fresh sterile new tattoo studio and the sound of the tattoo gun that you can’t get anywhere else. ☺️

diaclaimer : this is NOT by any means an encouragement for people to get tattoos , this is purely my personal opinion and I strongly advice anyone to do your research before getting under the needle and know that there are always a possibility for consequences while getting body art even if it’s a small tattoo.

Do your research on the artist beforehand, make sure it’s clean and he or she has good references and keep in mind that a tattoo last your whole life and you will have to live with it for ever. And to have a tattoo removed with laser treatment is extremely painful and it’s not done in only one treatment and it’s expensive.

love to all

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