How to deal with needy, negative and energy sucking people.

There is nothing wrong with wanting some space for yourself and just enjoying your own company for a while.

I am that kind of person who loves the energy of being out when I am surrounded by happy and smart people who are purely out to enjoy a night out. Because I am that girl who goes out to feel good and enjoy my night. i am the energy. And I am Super drama free and no complaints.

But we all have that one friend who is always negative and always drags your energy level down to their level.

I’ve dealt with a few of those over the years and it’s so completely exhausting. i have had some ex “friends” I have been totally feeling the necessary is to avoid them completely at times because sometimes I am just mentally drained from my own day and when I go out to meet friends then that is my way taking off the edge, relaxing my brain and body- filling it with good surroundings and people and things that make me happy. When I have those types of days, I have no energy left over to spend patting my needy negative acquaintances on the back and giving them confirmations on what they need all the time. .

it is nothing more annoying that when you try to have a nice evening and then you have a friend who always complains about how fat they are when they are skinny AF, or how much weight they’ve gained (allthou they haven’t ) or how tired they are or how depressed they are and all the dates that went wrong or how shit the job is etc etc. you get me ?

When it’s constantly like that everytime you meet them you reach a point where you don’t wanna hang out with them anymore because every time you hang out you find yourself mentally sick by the time you get home. Actually more exhausted than what you were from a stressful day at work.

I came to realize that the best way to deal with them is to not deal with them at all. If a friendship ends because you need some privacy and time to do what you wanna do for yourself without them, then that is not a friendship it’s just a bully and you don’t need that. it’s important to stand your ground and teach people how to treat you.

Not let them use you as a doormat and expecting you should always be there. people might even just feed on you because you have access to something they don’t. it’s almost like there is an agenda.

The effort goes both ways and you shouldn’t feel bad for doing what You want your way and how you wanna spend your time when what matters the most to You is how you feel.

Not all friendships are healthy if you constantly feel drained, and I’ll strongly advice you to take some distance.

See and feel how your own energy and your own feelings are when you’re not around them. Pay attention to who makes you feel good.

Those are your people. Remember that ❤️

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