Did you loose yourself a little Babygirl?

I won’t judge. It’s super easy to lose yoursef in all this extra time we suddenly have, plus a lot of us are out of work and pherhaps also feeling like we are just standing still in the middle of this world crisis? I know I am.

I have had days where I couldn’t even be bothered to put on makeup and even wanting to get out of bed at times. Yet alone finding something to wear and planning a decent outing or hanging out with my friends the same way I used to. I think I let go a little. I don’t think I am alone in thinking that way or even Letting go of myself in that way. 

When was the last time you shaved your legs or washed your hair ? Up until yesterday it was 8 days since I washed my hair 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ , I kid you not, I have gone 15 days before 😂 I am laughing because – what the hell? Who am ??

 Anyhows . Yesterday I set aside some time for myself , we just moved to a new house as well and that has been stressful, and the whole Covid-19 thing.  Just all in all I think I just got so relaxed in all the chaos and didn’t have a reason to get up or about To even put makeup on Or make an effort for myself, so I literally just said “fuck it”, a part of me was like,” I’m letting my skin breathe from all the makeup”  😂 but I wasn’t feeling good on the inside. 

And another part of me said. Hey a little junk food today is ok. Just that that “little junk food today” became junk food every day.. and that’s not ok.  

So today. I got up, I put myself together, I made appointments , I got some work done, I put my old self back together , I worked out and it feels good to at least do something.

So take it from me, even the small things count . At least you did something today, even if it is only one thing. 

Cook, clean, have meetings even if It’s on zoom, wash your hair, shave your legs (and everything else that needs shaving)  walk your dogs , cuddle the cats, put on some make up, wear that perfume you like. Have a date even if it’s with yourself. organize some things, make a plan, solve some problems.  Baby steps. 

You’ll feel better I promise ! Don’t loose yourself girl!

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