Snap out of it- here’s how

Oh haven’t we all had a mood lately? I know I have, if you’re reading this you might have felt it too. Anyhows. It couldn’t stay like that forever so I had to do something to snap out of it. You know? Either the day runs you or you run the day!? Right??

Here’s how I snapped out of it. I really stayed with my feelings for a While. i realized that social media lately have been so negative with all the negativity we’re exposed to at all times. I had to cut some connections with people I know (not permanently) just for a while as I realized that they were draining me as well. I had to just sit and be with myself for a while. I need to fix myself before I can take anything else on. I constantly felt that I have to be this character who’s constantly happy and “miss fix it“ for everyone but in the true and harsh reality I haven’t even got myself sorted yet for my own problems, and believe me when I say, I have a few problems of my own in my life that I have been dealing with for a while and I also feel stuck.

so I literally I poured myself a bath. Had a Moroccan scrub, I cleaned out my closet . Donated my stuff, I put on a nice podcast for the background. I washed my hair (Dear god believe me that takes time and it’s the most boring thing in the world) I scrubbed my face . Laid a mask, Painted my nails , shaved everything, Changed my bed sheets , put my PJ‘s on and watched sweet magnolias on Netflix and literally just shook Of my mood, I slept early and was dedicated to not open my social media for the entire evening including whatsapp . So in other words. I had myself a hell of a Me- time and it was needed. 

Sometimes you just gotta sit with yourself and feel every feeling you have. embrace It.  I think I was going crazy.  I kept putting everything on hold. I kept avoiding myself. Drinking because I’m upset or stressed. Feeling angry at everything and everyone around me. Thinking something is wrong with me. I literally took an ADHD test for adults .. thinking I’m too fat, too lazy, I currently don’t have a proper job Right now either because ever thing is closed .and  The list goes on! 

But guess what?!  It’s more or less like this for everyone right now and I can’t fix it all when the whole universe is changing is anyway.  So better to just sit with it, eat shit for a while and accept life for what it is and know that things will only be better . 

If you still have your job intact throughout this whole COVID-19 bullshit then I truly salute you and you are so lucky!  Bless you. 

But know this . When you hit your darkest hours, know that you’re not alone, and what ever you are feeling right now, people around us are feeling the same.  Embrace your feelings, sit with them. Accept them. And feel better .  Don’t forget to take care of yourself in all this! Ok?

True story. I swear❤️

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