What a day – godaddy to wordpress

So if you’re a little confused about the look of my blog right now, so am I. The transmission from godaddy to wordpress is a little “so so” for me. I’m not used to the editing tools and there are even a few things that doesn’t work here compared to before . I also don’t understand why wordpress is charging extra for other tools and plug-ins like pay pal payments or the feature for Google Adsense . It doesn’t make any sense that I should pay more to be able to use my other tools . In that matter godaddy was way cheaper and easier.

At least at godaddy server pages I could do all these things and connect my blog page to my Adsense without having to upgrade my plan. It’s ridiculous.

Anyhows. So now I’ve gone through 2 days of importing this content from A to B o my to find out that I can’t even use google ads and Adsense here in my plan. . Lol at me. the whole idea was to save money so I could make money. But here they want you to spend the money so you can make the money. 😂 oh well. Not only that,,, the feature for collecting oyments aren’t even available for the country I am in either !! What are the odds… and the editing tools for the pages are so wack. Either it’s gonna take me some time getting used to … but it’s definitley not in logic order here…

That being said , I love the easy way to blog directly from the app on my phone and that is saving me a lot of headache contra from before when I had to open a page via safari and log in, and then open the other blogger account. And then type and upload ..Blah. So . This is much better. I’ll definitely be updating a lot more often and you’ll probably hear a lot more of my random thoughts from now on. And also the wordpress people have been very nice and attentive today with support and helping out a lot. So . C

Cheers to that and let’s hope everything else falls in to place eventually as well. 😁

Ps; if anyone knows how to get the pins resent from google (we moved addresses and I need to verify my pin but I have used all 3 attempts already… what do I do ?? Advice here is highly recommended . Thanx in advance .

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  1. Hi Camilla 🙂

    Lemme know if you want / need help with more general stuff (about online, marketing, etc)….

    I don’t use tracking apps, so I am not interested in Google Ads, Adwords, and similar “app” kinds of spyware.

    You + your site seem to be looking quite awesome! B-)

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