It’s not over

I hear people saying the wanna go back to normal… Do we ever go back to normal! NO! To me that is taking five steps back already!  look At this year how messed up it’s been and how many changes we are doing on a daily basis and what we have been pushed towards. Normal as we know it is extinct and from here on out we can only move forwards. 

i have donated where I can with little that I have. In my last post there were some links and info about where to donate and petitions to sign) 

I intend to move forward with the knowledge I keep and with good faith and hope that things will be equal and brighter for all. That we can move forward with much less hate and war in the world and with better leaders that are there for us and can hear us. That fights for us and to keep a new system well balanced Where everyone has the same rights. It’s a long road but some is better than nothing. educate yourself . if You’re white then use your so called ”white privilege” for the better for those who need you, do it for your kids, stand up to your family, educate your kids, talk about it. Know about it. You have a voice. Please Use it. 

ps: also stop abusing animals. That needs to stop too.

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