It was so simple when we were kids

In this writing moment It still feels weird to have a birthday celebration right now. It doesn’t feel like it’s my birthday at all. Maybe that’s just it. But I am (almost) sure that when tomorrow comes and I get out of the house and get to see everyone it will feel different. But really tho.. is it just me? or are we actually excited about birthdays nowadays ??

I’m telling you, birthdays were much more fun when we were kids … it was so simple then. Your friends were the kids in your class and you had to invite everyone over . And vice versa when some other kid in your class had a birthday you’d had to go there after school. And it was in general just simple chocolate cake, hot dogs or pizza and games until the parents picked us up and it was time to go home. I mean.. we knew so little about life back then. 😂 we were less demanding and things were so simple.. what are your best childhood memory of your birthday?

My best memory is that one time my dad wanted to build me a rollercoaster but of course we couldn’t do that so he brought home one of those trucks that had that thing on the back , like a little cage , that with a controller rises up , high in the sky … and he would take all of us on that so we could see the horizon , it was so cool. And if the water was good we’d have the water sprinkler on And we’d run through that and get all wet in The garden and that was super fun. (I grew up in Norway so summers aren’t that warm and we don’t have swimming pools there) the simple things 🙏🏼❤️

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