Still Dirty 30’s

wow! I am beyond grateful for the turn up of everyone who came and truly moved to tears (must be an age thing) 😂

I couldn’t have asked for anything else (other than being in Norway with family right now☺️) but the birthday was so nice ! Literally everyone showed up except a few who couldn’t make it.

I didn’t expect everyone , or that many at least to show up, (I literally had to ask the staff to get more tables to add chairs to our table! And I was showered with gifts and love all night long! It was by far the best birthday I could ever have wished for.

I can’t believe I was so stressed out about it beforehand. Or maybe it was so good because I put all the expectations aside ? Who knows 🤗 aaaah ! I just wanna hug you all and I am so grateful for everyone who came and for all the birthday love I got on my day and the hundreds of messages and greetings I got ! If I haven’t replied to you yet , don’t worry , I’m getting around to it ! I am replying to every single one of you! So again! Thank you so much! Here’s some photos I wanna share with you ❤️

I feel like I have hit the reset button and it’s like I’m literally starting fresh. I’m just a few weeks I’m becoming a student and if I pass my exam I’ll be having my degree and I can put everything aside and start my new career working healthcare and medical. I’m super excited and well, it only took me about 34 years to figure out what I wanted to do with my life . 😂

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