And all the presents- thank you!

Look! Just look! I mean! It’s not every day you get flowers that are bigger than … well.. almost anything! Literally the biggest flowers I’ve ever seen in my life . How pretty are they?! I wish they’d last forever and they’d always be this beautiful!

At first I was contemplating wether or not I should share some of my gifts from my bday with you , a lot of people are saying “noooo you shouldn’t do that because people come at you with their “evil eye” 🧿 etc … in Norway we have something that is called “janteloven” it’s literally the same thing … but anyways , I am deciding to share some things because one) , I didn’t expect anything and 2) it’s just crazy how much happiness comes with flowers! I mean! Flowers!! I’ve underestimated them all of my life ! Flowers are the way to go! Or chocolates… seriously I got these fancy chocolates from Switzerland ,,, yeah ! I mean … look :

I mean… who wouldn’t wanna stuff their face in this !!? and not only that but a very close friend of mine , he’s an art collector and because of him I now too have a small collection of my own… he added to that, and he gave me a very special print , framed . I mean. It’s the kind of print that “if you know you know” the Andy Warhol. Omg !!

Obviously it’s not the original but it’s the first print edition. So. It’s special. And like I said. I wasn’t expecting anything, and I just feel like my friends went all the way out to make my day special and they really did so hey, I am allowed to feel grateful and happy for having them and thank you to my parents who really went all the way out as well , and everyone else ! I got some really nice earrings and some other jewels plus a really nice skin care series and more flowers and a really beautiful travel bag with my initials on them as a manifestation to that I will soon travel home and see my family (literally made me cry 😌)

so yes! I am sharing this joy with you guys. not sharing everything here but just a few things so I can brag about it for once because it is truly just joy and love! ❤️

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