Have you got the answers to instagrams algorithm??

Is it just me? Or what is going on with Instagram lately? I don’t post on my wall that often, but when I do post I usually have a great outreach and a good response … and today .. nothing .. Instagram isn’t counting my total reach … why? Is this an error and it will be fixed later ? Or … is it something new they are doing ? I’m confused 😂 keep in mind , I’m 50/50 tech and the rest I’m still figuring out . So . If you’re a person out there who knows what it is then please drop me a comment so I can feed my brain this information. I feel like I need to learn it and all the google in the world right now just made me more confused. Am I being shadow banned by Instagram!?😂🤷🏼‍♀️

This is my post today, I posted 1 h ago .. and still no reach has been registered :

Why are my impressions 900 but I only get 118 likes for example ? But the views on my boomerang on my wall has over 400 views ?

How can it be 900 impressions but only 400 views ?

Compare this posts insight with my previous one :

And tell me why isn’t Instagram showing any reach today? Is it an error ? And why am I feeling annoyed by this 😂 so silly but , I never thought about it , but now I really wanna know how it works . So please do share 🤓

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