A sweet little Immigration headache

Everyone will tell you that the UAE is an amazing country to live in! That is if everything is smooth and played out well and you stay out of any sort of trouble. Let me tell you!

I love this country and it has been nothing but kind To me. But there are are few things that isn’t working the way it should. The systems. Behold law and order and there are many wat things here and the systems probably are the way they are to prevent situations from getting out of hand, but .. It’s all linked together.

Even the small things that becomes big issues are now a Major problem.

I have accumulated an overstay for a while now due to a court case. And this has been resolved but in order for me to get my new visa, the overstay fines needs to be waived. It’s not my fault that I have an overstay, as the government refused to let me renew my visa last year , and therefore I have had no other option but to accumulate an overstay until my case is being dealt with appropriately. Now it’s solved and moving forward . I am not “wanted” anymore and we reached an agreement in Dubai courts . So yay! That’s amazing.

But I have been tossed from left and right for months now. And it seems that nobody knows where to send me to handle this , and finally today I went to Al Awir. (Which is in the middle of nowhere in the desert btw) and only to get told that they don’t deal with visa overstaying applications to have fines waived anymore and that I have to go to another place called Amer Centre. Ok?! So my frustration. I am contacting Amer centre as we speak and hoping that someone can pick up and just guide me in the correct direction because at this point it is getting very frustrating.

It’s a simple task, there is a law in the uae that says if you can provide proof that you have an active case , that you can file to have the overstay fines waived. Obviously. So this is what I am trying to do, but nobody seems to know how to do it. Even at the places I reach out to.

I have been on the phone this morning since 8am to try and speak to someone . My lawyer tries his best to find someone who had their expertise in this field (my lawyer is not an immigration lawyer so it’s not his field even ) and since morning I’ve been calling so many numbers at al awir and Amer and nobody pics up 😂 I don’t know if I should laugh or cry at this point. Anyhows, I am in my way to the Amer centre now do see in person if it’s any better there and if someone can help me. Because at Al Awir they couldn’t. Wish me luck

Update to come soon.

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