Part 2 – bitter sweet

I kind of felt it was way too easy. (This post is a continuing of my previous post of immigration)

there was no way I was gonna get this done today. Being tossed all over the emirate back and forth. I came to Amer centre and of course they couldn’t do it because my visa is registered in another emirate . So they guided me to go to the same centre for these types of things but in the emirate of Sharjah… so I did. Only to get there and they said I could do it online … only to try and do it online .. to find out I can’t because my phone number that has been disconnected that is linked to my visa is the phone number they use in the system to send a code to… sooo that didn’t work.. 🤷🏼‍♀️

then we will try something else instead … now I am gonna have to go back to the court and request a letter from them that states that I am allowed to cancel my visa because they will allow me to waive my overstaying fines … wow .. the smallest things are so complicated … but I’m not gonna get in to that right now because that itself is a whole other article . 😂

So wish me luck. 🙌🏼

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