This whole – “you can do anything you put your mind to” is not coming from nowhere . Because you literally can do anything you want! I think the most difficult thing is knowing what you want. It took me a good 30 + years to figure out which field I belong in and where I should have been. But there are no time for regrets in this life (unless you hurt someone unintentionally) and the phrase “it’s never to late” ain’t wrong either!

We have been so obsessed and taught from early childhood what is expected of us . That we get in our 20’s and we meet someone, have kids and get married . Maybe a dog and a stabile job and that’s it… this is what is the ideal life for everyone . This is what they teach us and what the safe and secure society is about . The neighborhoods and small towns 😜 .

the thing is for me is that I always have that in my mind, a perfect picture of a stabile relationship, kids, a happy home and a normal job. Successful in life.

but my life never unfolded in that order. I have lived , travelled, partied, met enormous amounts of people, people of politics, celebrities, royalty, worked with TV, been the centre of attention, fronted big magazines and lived my dream.

And before I knew it my 20’s were gone and I still felt like I wasn’t done. But done with what? That life ? This life ? It didn’t feel right, And before I knew it I realized that I can’t keep this going forever and I need some sort of safety net for myself in case I decide to shift lanes one day.

I have to mention that it’s a shame that the pressure of women is what is expected of us, to have kids by a certain age, to be successful in love and all the pressure about building a family. It’s just what was the norm back then. There is no reason why us as women should be ashamed for not have had a child before the age of 30. Everyone wants to be a young mom. But some people also wants to do life before they take on another life , and I can’t even begin to tell you how sad I am in the inside that I haven’t been able to deliver my own kids yet to my family , a part of me want kids , but for me to have kids it’s so important that I have a man that wants and sees a future with me. Someone that challenges me mentally and are strong in life in every way. If that doesn’t clash for me then I don’t see myself having kids with that person. It needs to be love. I want love. Who doesn’t want amazing butterfly love right ? Anyhows. I am getting of track, so back to the topic of what am I doing in life and this powermind we all possess ! It is beautiful!

It only took a whole pandemic to force me to really sit with myself and feel myself, with my thoughts and hours of spending time with myself and thinking about the future and what’s important to me. And I finally knew so clearly what is my path. And September 10th I am starting my new journey with new studies to become a medical secretary within the primary or private health sector and from there on out I can educate myself further within the cosmetology and the aesthetic field .

This is a big win for me either way. And I am proud of myself that I finally can rip the bandaid off and say that I now know what I want to do and how to get there.

When I was a teenager I was never really fond of school. And to be taught things that was of zero interest to me just made it so hard to focus and pay attention in class. (I don’t have ADHD but I could as well have passed for someone who did 😂)

I said to myself when I finished school that “school, I am never ever going back to that hell hole ever again” and lieterally here we are years and years later , and I am ready for the next chapter of school in my life .

Life is funny that way. When we are young we think we know it all and that we will be fine 😂 I wish I could tell my 16 year old self that I didn’t need to go to the school that everyone else was going to. I wish I’d listen to my heart, because now when I look back, where I wanted to go then, that’s where I am ending up now. So bottom line … always listen to your GUT feeling no matter what!


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