Dermaqual : L-Carnitine

The new products from Dermaqual has launched and I went to the clinic yesterday to try them out !

It’s a new L-Carnitine anti cellulite solution and it can be used for various things and areas on the body.

It’s refines uneven skin texture, improves skin firmness and elasticity, reduces the visible are parents of cellulite. And last but least it also burns fat where its injected, and we love that big time!!

This is not in any way a diet supplement , this is a medical spa treatment for invasive fat burning in problem areas you might have in your body such as fat pockets in arms . Back, under boobs , stomach, double chin and so on.

First they prepped me , we found the areas I wanted to target and then they measured up and drew the mapping on my body. Then they injected me with carbon dioxide gas in round 1 and round 2, the L-carnitine injections. The gas helps the product burn the fat faster . And the whole procedure all in all will take 3 months . (You will have one round of injections each 3-4 weeks)

So literally it’s a repeated treatment before you get the final results and some people might require additional treatments on top of that if the area is bigger. So like with anything- it’s not done overnight but it’s a great addition to your skincare if you just want to adjust some difficult areas here and there that are difficult to loose with a regular workout.

The clinic is Champs Elysees clinic on Al Manara road . Ask for the L-carnitine treatment and give my name upon booking 🥰

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