Dress your mood!

We all know that to feel your absolute best your outfit and make up plus hair have to clash and mix well together. If you’re having one of those days when your mood says rock n roll but the event says glamour and ladylike … the odds are that you will end up going to the event feeling uncomfortable… so what to you do when that happens ?

Personally for me .. I like to express myself through makeup . And there is nothing more that screams rock n roll and elegance more than bright Russian red lips ! So it’s a win win. My go-to all time fave outfit is always safe and casual but yet a bit dressy. The timeless leather pants. Heels and a cute top… and loads and loads of makeup to compensate for my dressed down outfit .

Yesterday i wore a red bodycon dress and matching red lips . felt dressy enough, not too over done .. hide the cleavage (oh dear I can go all the way out on that one too but that’s another post for another day) and nude heels … and red lips . Just enough to turn heads and have people notice how big my lips are 😂😂

Happy weekend ❤️

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