You are not entitled to anyone’s time!

Sometimes I know all you wanna do is hang out with your friends, or another friend group of your other friends . And you might be suggesting to meet up a lot , because you just wanna catch up. And they might decline every time lately because they simply have other things to do. Or your energy levels are not aligned and they might think you wanna go out and party while all they wanna do is grab a coffee or vice versa. And they decline because you know – life happens. But then You see them hanging out with others and they weren’t that busy after all and you feel excluded. You feel unwanted and un-invited .

Naturally this Might hurt a little to some, Or it might just push you to the direction of not asking to meet up anymore because – who wants to feel like they are nagging to hang out all the time and feeling rejected all the time ? Nobody !

So here’s the thing! You can’t get mad at people for wanting their own space and time , and you need to switch your mind set and set it free from all the negative thoughts you might have about that. People can do what they want . You are not entitled / + they don’t owe you their time.

And when You’re over thinking it, you just cause unnecessary worries in your head . Drop it ! Snap out of it.

It’s important that you remember that people are free to hang with who they want. Some days maybe they just need some space and privacy from everything and everyone. And some days maybe it’s just the 1 person they wanna hang out with and it’s not you! But I promise you, it’s 95% of the time It’s not even so dramatic like you play it out in your head. Just relax. Do something else . Make your own plans. let them miss you.

Obviously people are different . Some of you are very sensitive, and some of you just go about your day in your own lane and hardly even notice things . (I am that person, I don’t notice) This post is for my beautifully sensitive people .

It’s ok to be sensitive . Just don’t be so hard on your self. And try and focus on the positive things, not the negative things. Because when you focus on the negative things and that’s all you talk about, you become that person that is hard to be around/ and sometimes people need a break from that. Be kind to yourself ! and for the other people who just goes about on their day- remember that not everyone sees life from your perspective and sometimes the smallest deal to you is the biggest deal to someone else ! (Note to myself)

I personally tend to forget this sometime and from time to time there are some clashes in the energy levels in situations and it can easily be avoided if we just stop expecting so much. We are not entitled to anybody’s time. Remember that ❤️

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