Verbal abuse is also violence.

I witnessed a couple insult one another for a while yesterday. It must have been going on for years. I could see the hurt in the eyes of the woman. The woman who strongly was trying her ultimate best to keep it together . And insult after insult in every comment coming from her husband towards her . Oh my lord . It was such an awkward situation. I wonder , why do people do this ? Why do they do this in public ?

You do know that even the smallest negative comment on any thing that has to do with you, repeated over and over again over a long period of time becomes very hurtful and you start to believe what these words are and that they are true. I didn’t believe my own ears. And the fact is , this guy was literally saying everything with sarcasm and jokes and laughed afterwards. But it was nasty comments . That she was or used to be “not attractive enough” that he was going to find a younger wife” that she didn’t look her best. That he commented on the way she dressed . And the list just went on and on. Even about her makeup.

I do not tolerate this . If this was me I would have got up and left a long time ago. But it’s easy for us to witness this and speak up about what we’d do and we don’t know the full story. But it absolutely breaks my heart to witness this and not being able to help. I think women should need a code system for help in uncomfortable situations so that woman to woman, one can come to the rescue and get you out of that situation. No matter what it is .

I guess women take so much bullshit and we swipe a lot of it “under the rug” because we don’t wanna pick that fight. But you know what? I say FUCK THAT!! Pick that fight , speak your mind and tell em to shut the fuck up. NOBODY gets to disrespect you like that. Or tell you how to dress or what make up you wear. Or how many glasses of wine you can have or how your body type looks to them. Nobody! You’re not someone’s toy or thing to play with. Wear that dress and those heels . Put lipstick on! Wear make up! Curl your damn hair if you want to! To me you are gorgeous and powerful and you should be just that! Nothing less !

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