3’s a crowd or nah?

Meet Raven! She is a rescue Rottweiler. Her mom ran away from a puppy mill- got hit by a car and someone found her later in and rescued the mom. Who was already pregnant . She gave birth to 6 puppies , only 3 made it through. But the mom didn’t have enough milk to give them. So the puppies are so so small.

Say hello to Raven. The newest addition to the pack. We will keep her for a few weeks and see how it goes. Today was the first day. It’s nice having a puppy again. She is the tiniest little creature. And 9 weeks old and already so independent . And the other dogs welcomed her so gently . It went better than we had thought. Animals are amazing. Like they know she is fragile and they have been with her all day. So simple, no fuzz . Just love and play all day. More updates to come!

Some people might say it’s crazy to have 3 dogs. To me it’s not crazy at all. 😂 they are good company for each other plus she will give some balance to the boys! this little lady will grow to become so big and strong and I am gonna do my best that she is safe and obedient. She is so smart already! I am mind blown .


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