First day with a new puppy In the house

Oh it’s been a day with non-stop adventures. Not even a dull moment and a LOT of telling her “no” and “off” and “pee pee and tinkle” I swear. I sound like a broken record on repeat. This pup is soooo smart as well. She doesn’t take long to learn something new and registrar new commands. It will be fun to see if they stick with her. I

t’s only been a day. But this little puppy is only 9 weeks old , she is so smart. I am so impressed with her whole being. It’s been a while since I had a puppy in the house . So it’s a lot of work coming and a lot of patience to be tested here. I wanna help mold a stabile, loving and secure dog. I know these dog breeds In particular has a lot of people with a Lot of opinions behind them. But I am certain that she will be good and I am most definitely gonna break the stereotype.

If this dog is with us by the time my parents comes to visit again, I am gonna make sure she is so good that my mom will love her. My mom is the type of person that might think 3 dogs are too much and that this dog in particular is a difficult breed. Only because of it’s bad reputation due to bad ownerships.

This little pup is strong, and so goofy at the same time. And she loves to play and sleep.

Right now I am teaching hey to sit, to come, to heal, to walk in a leash, to give paw, and teaching her to lay off with the biting and jumping up on things and people all the time. That’s not such a nice habit that she has. (All puppies that is!!) and staying off the table and other things. We haven’t had one single accident in the house yet with any pee pee either . She is so good! I’m so impressed with her. Wow.

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