This post is for you!

It’s me again disturbing in your inbox notification! Camilla has dropped another post! But this time it’s about you!! And I Just wanted to say thank you to all you subscribers! I am literally thinking, what ??? WHAT!!!

They want to subscribe to my blog and get email notification every time I publish a new post.. and just thinking about that… I get a little worried that when I only post a brief post I am going to annoy the shit out of you guys on your busy days! (It’s a , “i am sorry but not sorry” kind of scenario 😛

So I wanted to take a moment and just tell you guys straight up that I am gonna do my absolute best to keep it real and not ever (almost) touch on boring topics and have you roll your eyes .. (if you are rolling your eyes is only because you think that I think, that I am better than anyone else. But you don’t know me . So then it’s ok for me if you think that so I can have the time here to blow your mind and prove the opposite 😁 ) so keep scrolling and keep coming back!!

There will be more! Also feel free to drop some comments about anything as long as you’re not trolling around. We are a little beyond that now, aren’t we ??

I see you and I seriously appreciate you coming back here to read up on the silly stuff I do! Thank you! I hope you all have a beautiful day (or Night) I guess depending on where you are ! I saw my stats and I have readers from everywhere ! And it is so cool! So thank you. 🙌🏼

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