In memory…

This morning was very unexpected in terms of news and the passing of Eric Morillo. He only got to be 49 years old. And as I understand it from reading up on it this morning, he was struggling with some personal issues due to a fellow female DJ accused him of rape and the rape kit showed his DNA. I don’t know the story … but I knew him a tiny little .

I can’t imagine that he would have ever raped someone. That is beyond me. And if he is accused of that and facing those charges , and it’s false… I don’t know .. it really could ruin a person. then on the other hand if there has been some sort of consent not being given in terms of having sex with someone and alcohol and drugs involved and one person thinks this is ok then the other is not.. then that is rape . And that is very tragic. I don’t know the story. I can only imagine the damage this has done and taken its toll on a person either way, both persons.

So the passing of Eric Morillo right now is just very tragic and very sad to see such a great person leave. he has touched so many people with his music.

The first time I met Eric was in Ibiza back in 2009. Via my friend Roman. Roman is the coolest guy ! He runs Ibiza. Literally. Everybody knows Roman. So Roman introduced me to Eric , I had no idea who Eric was at the time, because house music was not my thing at all. We came out and up to his Dj booth in the club. He said hi to everyone, and he didn’t care that I didn’t know who he was. He welcomed us with so much warmth and kindness, opened his house to us. And he became a friend. Everytime he’d be in Dubai he would look me up and let me know he was in town. I wouldn’t always see him but I find it so nice that he actually thought of me when he came to Dubai. It’s a nice gesture to be remembered. And of course I didn’t think about it much then. But now looking back, that’s how I remember him. The crazy parties, the good times, the chats and conversations. And his passion for music.

My friend Anna and I went to a party at Eric’s House once , and we were a bit tipsey over the top. We are standing in Eric’s home studio at an after party, and Anna suddenly feels sick, so On the verge of throwing up, Eric opens the door to his guest bathroom and holds Anna’s hair while she is purging in the toilet ! This was so epic! I wish social media was more prompt back then because I would have had so many photos of there times together. And this is just one of many stories.

So what I wanted to say. I had no idea about the charges he was facing, I just woke up to the sad news that he passed. and I can’t stress it enough that if there is something this year of 2020 has thought us is that anything can happen at any time, you don’t know what people are struggling with behind closed doors and you should always be kind of you can.

My condolences to all of Eric’s family and close friends. Thank you for being real and humble. So many people lose touch with their identity once a little splash of fame gets blown on them. But you kept it real! You saw us. you saw people! thank you for that! Rest In Peace.

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