Nothing is wrong, but I am turning into that annoying student

I have been slacking a little with the updates lately, not because of anything in particular just because it’s been so many happenings and things I’ve needed to get done and people visiting and stuff I’ve had to get involved in that I haven’t had the chance to get back here as frequently as I’ve wish I was!

But I am dropping you a line to tell you that it’s all good and I’ve had my first seminar at school, last week, it was great. There is 75 people in my class and people of all ages ! And I thought I would be the oldest ! I had my insecurities about that. (Don’t ask why) But after starting this and learning that there are people of all ages in my class for this course I am thinking it’s not such a reason for me to freak out about that I’m a late bloomer in my studies after all. I’m right back to the “it’s never too late” mentality. And that’s awesome.

Also , funny thing.. the teachers of this class expected everyone to study at least 8 hours pr. week.. and here I am .. studied 7-8 h Pr day .. even on weekends .. yep.. I am that girl now. When I was younger I wouldn’t even have looked at a book or material for my class until it was 1 day before a major test.. and here I am.. turning in to this annoying student who’s ahead of class 😂

Anyhows ! So I had a paper that I handed in yesterday and the deadline for that is October 4th… so now I’ll spend all my time just repeating everything I’ve written down. And it’s a lot . Look how organized I am!

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