Reminder : Don’t forget that there is still a pandemic going on

I think this past weekend was one of the better weekends I’ve had in a long time. Nothing fancy, just friends gathering and catching up, talking shit. And nothing too crazy. Just everyone together in our favorite spot and early nights. I love those nights.

I appreciate everything so much more now. We have been taking everything for granted for so long. I had some friends from Sweden visiting for a few days as well and man, I am telling you, the freedom we had before to travel and hug and kiss our loved ones, to breathe normal air , touching things and not having to worry about sanitizing and disinfect every inch of us all the time .. (my fingers are so dry from all the anti bacterial spray and gel I put on them every day)

I don’t think the world will ever be the same again. That’s for sure . Numbers are going up and down all the time. So please stay safe and don’t forget that there is still a pandemic happening and we have to do our utter best to keep the curb down and protect the people we love around us , all people in fact. and show some kindness. This pandemic is extra hard for some people and you never know what sort of battles they are fighting within. ❤️ stay humble!

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