Introducing the EMSCULPT

This is the EMSCULPT. It’s a form of EMS treatment that stimulates and builds the muscles and you burn fat at the same time.

You would need to do a minimum of 4 treatments to have amazing results . And then maintain it once pr month after that. The EMSCULPT is the newest and most advanced form of EMS training Pr. Today. EMSCULPT is available at a few clinics only.

It’s a non invasive body shaper and it’s perfect for the person who doesn’t wanna get under the knife to tone up their body. I tried it today and I’m telling you, it was the most powerful EMS machine I have ever experienced. And I am not just saying that because i worked with them today but it really was wow. Hats off!

I was sweating and my whole body was working. It was not scary. Not painful. But it was powerful and literally a full 30 min heavy workout with power contractions in the muscles.

I get why this machine is high on demand and I also get why the price is a bit costly. If you have a chance to check it out you should !

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