Be genuinely happy for your friends when they make life changing decisions.

She is moving to the US! She is actually leaving us for San Diego! Our little butterfly is ready to take on the next chapter in her life ! So we had a small dinner get together at Nammos to say goodbye and wish her the best of luck in the land of the free. Well almost .. Trump and all 😂😂 well . Let’s not get into that right now. 😂

I think it’s important, that when friends leave or move away to another country or even further like a continent far far away, to remember that we are so lucky to have all this technology now and it’s so easy to stay in touch and knowing the friends and family are never too far away even if you’re half the globe away in real life .

I am so exited for her journey and support it 100% . We must always live our best life and follow our calling to where we belong. We only have this life so making the best out of every situation is a given ❤️ safe flight my friend! And it’s not goodbye , it’s a “I’ll see you again soon” type of thing 😁

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