Had a great dinner at coya with friends on Thursday and yesterday, just a pit stop at Zuma (as usual). But ended my evening at Ce La Vi, nice for a change as we only hang out at Zuma mostly nowadays.

This was the last weekend before Halloween and Also My best Friend Tess is finally coming to Dubai to visit for a whole month! I am beyond grateful for that. I haven’t “seen” anyone since January . it feels like an eternity since then and now she is here in just a few hours!! Amazing! How I’ve missed her!

This weekend isn’t over yet but we’re taking it easy today. I have done so much today. Literally laundered 3 machines of clothes and bed linen, dishwasher , mopped the floors and made the beds, watered the lawn, washed the cars and did grocery shopping early in the AM and had two walks around the block with the dogs already. The only thing I missed was my surfing this morning but to be honest I didn’t even feel like waking up today so I stayed in bed a little extra today. And it’s allowed !

Happy rest of the weekend to you guys !

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