I tested positive for Covid

I guess this was gonna happen to most of all sooner or later. Yesterday I was feeling a bit under the weather . I had a mild fever of 37,8 and body aches. That’s all. We have been so careful with wearing masks and disinfecting our hands and everything we touch etc.

Today I feel fine . I will have so self quarantine for 7-14 days depending on how I feel and if my symptoms are disappearing or not 😊

I went to Medcare hospital and did the Covid test. They were fast. And within 12 hours after i did the test I had my test results on phone . Bummed that they were positive as now I have to cancel all the plans I have this upcoming week.

But better to be safe than sorry.

I don’t wanna risk giving this virus to anyone else who might get really ill or even worse than that being at risk giving it to someone who then gives it to someone in a risk Group and they contract it and things get really bad .

So just a friendly reminder to remember to wear your masks and keep protecting yourself . It’s not over yet. I am so grateful that I only have minor symptoms and it’s not bothering me so much , especially when I know it could been much worse .

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