18 days till Christmas

What’s your favorite time of the Year ?? this is my fave time of the year by far! I can’t believe it’s been a year already! A year since we didn’t know much about COVID, a year since we all gathered, a year since we ate Xmas dinner and old traditions got places back in order again! It’s the best time of the year. (For me at least) I know many people suffer and struggle throughout the holidays, I know kids are not having their beat time due to domestic violence and parents that might be drinking to much or worse, I am not trying to be cynical. But just letting you know that I am aware.

I am so blessed that I had a fantastic childhood with both parents and grandparents on my mother’s side and even a great grandmother , all my cousins and my aunts and uncles. We are such a crazy family and now as I am older I am implementing these old traditions into my own life .

I haven’t been able to celebrate Xmas in Norway for a few years now. And I miss it so much. I’m not complaining because things could be so much worse . Yet, nothing beats the powder snow on Christmas Day , disney cartoons in the AM , my moms cooking and the smell of food in the whole house all day long and decorating the Xmas tree with my dad .

All the candy, cake and food we used to eat, it was one of everything, and the presents and the even weirder aunties and uncles that would give the same things every year but it was charming because you just knew .

Sometimes A -20c up north in Norway , sneaking out for cigarettes as I got older(around 16) 😂 my grandfather tricking me Into drinking aquavit (a typical Norwegian Xmas liqueur) when I was 12! And until this day I still can’t drink it. Family tradition for all the days of Christmas all the way to New Year’s Eve. I have been so lucky. I am from such a small town in northern Norway, it’s magical up there during Xmas . It’s like the cozier Westin of the North Pole just as you’d imagine it in Santa land but like … a little better than that . Yeah.

I absolutely love Christmas time and I am so bummed I don’t get to go home this year, I miss everyone so freaking much but the family traditions are still within me and I am making my own thing out of it until I am able to travel back home again. I

’m not gonna lie, the corona thing has been hard on everyone. I wish for this to be over ASAP and that we can all be witty, nice and work together so we can put an end to this very soon alltho I think this is something we’re gonna have to learn to live with regardless what happens. It’s been a wake up call on the good and the bad . I wish you all the best of holidays you can have , stay safe and take care of eachother ❤️

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