It’s easy to have fun when the crowd is right !

I’m pretty easy and I can have fun pretty much anywhere (as long as it’s complying with who I am 😂) just kidding . I can blend in anywhere and have fun anywhere. If the company you keep is the right one. Everyone in this pic is super easy going, chatty and full of life and energy. It doesn’t matter where we are or where we go, the night always turns in to being a night to remember. EVERY SINGLE TIME!

I had a few people around me a few years back that wasn’t matching my aura at all. In fact I found them draining, negative and actually didn’t even know how to end those relations. Like how do you end a friendship. And especially a friendship with a female narcissist? (Yes I’m definitely stretching it that far as narcissism doesn’t only just apply to romantic relations but also in any other relation as long as that person is a narc.)

I think we owe it to ourselves and follow our hearts. I was spending way to much time thinking about how to be nice and let this person know in a nice way just to get literally pissed at (🤷🏼‍♀️🤣) later , that I should’ve just ripped the bandaid off immediately. I can totally see it now, I am much happier when my circle is smaller than when it was bigger and I am the crowd pleaser making everyone else happy but myself … why do we do that tho ?! So I am telling you, if it ain’t right you’ll know. With love, friends, work, hobbies and everything in-between. You’ll know! And you are the only one in control of your own life! Never ever forget that. ❤️

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