Mr.Dripping at ME.Hotel

we missed the show, but I have seen his art before here and there, I know he is very talented and my friend Carlos just happens to be his manager and they just happened to be in Dubai! I forgot his real name and I am not looking it up in this writing moment, (bad I know, forgive me) but how ever, he makes portraits with dripping paint off the brush, the paint brush itself never touches the canvas and he is very talented. He made some portraits for some people I know here in Dubai as well and it was really on point. I never paid too much attention here, but I’m 100% sure that this guy is on the right path to success! I salute you!

So of course the right thing to do was to pass by and at least show my face and catch up a little. I brought the girls with me and we grabbed a bite and some drinks and it was actually such a good ambiance there . It was held at the new rooftop bar /or maybe they prefer to call it the pool deck bar (I’m unsure) however ! The executive chef there is named James and he hooked us up with a lot of food even tho we arrived late! And I can tell you, wow! Don’t miss it!

The food was amazing! So if you go there to eat some day, Make sure you praise Chef James ! And the staff are so tentative and fast. Great service!

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