Last minute Xmas present tips for girls

So here’s a fact ! It’s only 2 days left until Christmas Eve, so if you haven’t finished all the presents yet, maybe you need some ideas of what to get for your girl, your sister or your mom, or girlfriend(s) ?!

Anyhow , my mom has been sending me these advents calendar gifts (yea I’m in my 30’s and my mom still makes me an advent calendar every year, it’s tradition and I love her so much) Christmas is not the same without it! And she is really good at finding these small things that she puts in there. And actually some of them would have made great Xmas gifts so I thought I’d share some of it with you guys.

1) Let’s start with the bubbly face masks: so fun and they come in a 3-pack!

2) Then there is the travel pack 3-pack lipsticks from YSL. The packaging looks really exclusive and it comes in 3 hot shades of red.

3) your persons favorite chocolate or foods!! you know they haven’t had in a while? This is perfect if you live in another country and they can’t get their hands on their favorite things.

4) a mani pedi gift card at t your local salons or a massage or a facial. A lot of salons around Xmas and New Years do a holiday promotion and you can get a lot of deals even now ❤️

5) a new fragrance that your girl hasn’t tried before! The market never changes and sometimes it can be nice to change up the old with some new fresh perfumes! And women love perfumes .. (well maybe not all women but most)

6) you can combine the sheet masks with the bubbly masks and just make a box full of masks and self care products , we women are gonna use those masks anyway! So fear not that it’s gonna be a waste! It’s appreciated 🙌🏼

7) & 8) a favorite more exclusive product is always nice for Xmas (or birthdays too for that matter) it lasts long and looks good in our bathroom shelves. (It doesn’t have to be an expensive brand) the point is that we love creams . Body creams , night creams , firming creams, heating creams, body scrubs, bubble baths , and all things in between. Actually bath and body works are having a sale now . You should check it out ! You can find some really cute Xmas presents there.

Many kisses ❤️ and merry Christmas !

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