Fell in a ditch.. didn’t we all? I’m snapping out of it

I know I’ve been gone for a while . Kind of sucks but I haven’t had any motivation and haven’t felt that I’ve had anything to say or add . I’ve just been spacing out and minding my own. And I haven’t felt that I have been productive at all.

You know when it’s just that bubble when you eat sleep and repeat and the days are the same but nothing happens and you’re sort of just waiting for all the puzzle pieces to come together and you’re sorta just wasting time waiting for better days ? Well .. this has been my past month. Just realized I sounded very complaining ish and negative 😂 I am really not.

But I guess I have too just fallen in a little dip and lost motivation completely. It will get better . And I’ll be better … I mean .. sometimes you just have to pick your damn self up, pet yourself on the shoulder and wipe your own tears .


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