Atelier De Joel Robuchon

First of all.. what a highly overrated place . I am utterly disgusted and shocked on how they do things there. It’s a joke!

And second , the staff lied and tried to trick us into spending more and they added more items to our bill that we didn’t even order .

The ambiance one you get there just makes you wanna punch someone in the face. Seriously . The worst experience I’ve ever had with restaurants in my whole life in Dubai. People have told us that it was expensive beforehand, but come on!

89 dhs for a small portion of a waaaay too salty beef carbonara ?! And 3 lousy baby lamb chops for 129 dhs (and these are just the items form the small bites section) in total we ordered what I just mentioned and the salmon tataki, the burrata, and the aubergine/eggplant thing…

I ordered a vodka soda , and I asked for the regular house vodka . The waiter insisted and told me that they didn’t even have a house vodka , I Said, well of course you have a house vodka , everyone does(with a smile and a glimpse in my eye) . (Maybe he just didn’t know or he was just playing stupid) so I made him go ask the bartender what is the house vodka and he came back and told me it was ABSOLUTE! Seriously , you are gonna look me dead in the eye and insist that this “fancy” place is serving absolute vodka as house vodka ?! Jesus .. anyhows . He didn’t give any other options so we ended up ordering grey goose … whatever . This was just disturbing to me and I couldn’t let it go.. (I know I sound like a fucking snob but just bare with me) so… I am drinking my drink and it hit me that I wish I’ve just asked to see the bottle of absolute , I knew he was lying… because I still refuse to think they serve absolute vodka in a place like that.. so anyhow , I asked another waiter , what’s the house vodka?! , and she said “it is Ketel one” well that makes more sense to me and she just proved to me that the other two guys were bullshitting us to my face.

I really don’t appreciate f&b people playing you for being stupid as fuck. Sorry.

Anyhows . I proved my point. Let’s move on to the food . Yes I know it’s a brand … and the mash potatoes is 50/50 butter and potatoes and yeah they are yummy… but other than that this place is not even worth half of what they charge and I won’t be going back there anytime soon. Like two slices of Aubergine was 70 dhs 😂 it’s stupid. I know it’s not McDonald’s , and I know it’s DIFC, but there are waaay too many other amazing places in DIFC with amazing staff and service and good food and prices are ok. Anything is better than this . It’s like … you can go there to take a selfie with the silver wine-grape- trees and that’s about it.

Ca 700 dhs Pr person to spend and it’s not even a brunch and you get crumbles for food and they piss on your drinks .

Peace out.

Disclaimer : this is my personal review of this place and if anyone is offended I apologize. If you are offended by this and you are someone working there or one of the owners or GM or manager or whatever , you shouldn’t be upset. But fix your mistakes and talk to your staff. Don’t take it personally.

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