Flying laptop and raining documents!

Holy shit! I forgot to tell you guys about the absolute dumbest and most retarded thing I’ve ever done in my life …amongst few at least.

It’s was last week, exactly a week ago today. I was about to have my exam in anatomy and physiology, I’ve been studying so hard and I was really prepared and I had all my notes from school and 6 months of hard work written down so I could easily find things among my notes … so the day before my exam, I was studying and by the time I was done I was going to go to the car and drive home. The car was parked in a parking and it was so tight between my car and the cars next to me, but I couldn’t get in to the drivers seat so I had to walk around to the passengers side … and at this point my arms were full.. so I decided to put my laptop and document files on top of the car…. I put my bag inside the car and I literally just walked to the drivers seat and got in.. and yep… I drove off .. this is 1 day before my exam!

The thing is , I didn’t even realize I did that until the day after… 2 hours before my exam started .. I panicked . I turned the house upside down. It was nowhere to be found. I called the place where I was studying the day before and they confirmed later from CCTV cameras that in fact, I drove off with my laptop and documents on top of the car … and well.. that’s the end of that story…

So thankfully my friend is here and was nice enough to let me borrow the laptop for the 4 hours my exam would take so I could finish. And then the other problem was that I didn’t have my login or my username for the school portal so I had to get in touch with the school and my teachers to have this reset … anyhows , loads of stress , I managed to get access to my school portal , got my new login about 30 minutes before the exam started and I finished my exam without all of my notes . WOW! Just fucking wow!!

So I guess the note to self is to stress less and to never ever leave shit on the roof of your car … not sure if this is common… but I don’t think I’m the only one who’s this has happened to… maybe with other items .. sucked that it was my laptop. But my notes were far more important than the laptop in that second. 😂

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